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Asia Collaboration Destination Sri Lanka

Maiden safari experience with Yala Safari Camp

Sri Lanka has one of the highest biodiversity density in Asia with twenty-six National Parks spreading across the country. It makes it one of the best place to visit the wildlife in their natural habitats. Yala National Park is known for its wide variety of wildlife. It is best known for leopards sighting as it …

Destination Fiji Oceania Travel Roundup

Fiji, more than just beaches [Travel roundup]

At the mention of Fiji, what would be the first thing in your mind? A honeymoon destination? Paradise with pristine beaches? Luxurious travel or Fiji bottled water? Fiji caught my attention while I was playing guess all the countries in the world game. Somehow the name itself was intriguing enough which lead me to find …

Asia Destination Travel Roundup Vietnam

Loving life; a short getaway to Central Vietnam [Travel Roundup]

Travelled to Danang, the fifth largest city in Vietnam recently with Susan, my Kindergarden best friend. Why Central Vietnam? Susan wanted a beach holiday and I wanted a destination not too touristy so Da Nang was the perfect fit for us. We squeezed in a couple of days in Hoi An, an ancient UNESCO listed …