20 – 23rd June Bangkok Trip Day 4 – Platinum Mall, Massage and Back to Singapore!

Into the 4th and very last day of the trip! Again, we woke up early in the morning not wasting any second that we had left in Bangkok. Straight after breakfast, headed straight back to Platinum Mall.Not forgetting stopping by the A&W which we had lunch 2 days ago because we forgot to take photos […]

20 – 23rd June Bangkok Trip Day 3 – ChinaTown, MBK and Central World

Presenting to you my 3rd day in Bangkok trip photos.Call me a procrastinator ok. Wakie wakie early in the morning.After a quickie quickie buffet breakfast, we head to ChinaTown again.Yes, we were there on the 2nd night, just that there’re many things that yet to be explored so we were back there again in the […]

20 – 23rd June Bangkok Trip Day 2 – Platinum Mall & ChinaTown

Woke up pretty early on the 2nd day.Due to the lack of sleep and packed activities, I slept soundly the whole night through.Ha! Good. Prepared myself.Had the buffet style breakfast getting ourselves charged to start the day! Reached Platinum Mall.All of us practially 大开杀戒 can!Wow lor.In order to get the wholesale prices, we had to […]

20 – 23rd June Bangkok Trip Day 1 – Grand Palace & MBK

Finally, day 1 of the Bangkok trip is out!Phew~ Wakie wakie in the early morning at 3.30am.Well, it’s not hard waking me up since I could hardly contain my excitment anymore. Ha!Oh man, it was actually raining. In the plane.See the droplets of rain at the window pane.In the thailand sky. After touching down, toilet […]

Back for good

Hihi!!! *wave*I’m back!Touched down yesterday at 9.30pm.Back to reality already.Sad. I miss the cheap and good thai massage. *pout*I miss the cheap cheap taxis.I miss the cheap cheap food.I miss the cheap cheap shopping. Still,I’m glad to be home.I am so glad to come back to a clean house, clean bed and the familiar little […]

Greetings from Bangkok!

Indeed, retail therapy is the best way to cure anything, except for the financial part. Ha! It’s the 2nd day already.Using the internet service from the hotel. Total, I bought 2 belts, 1 skirt, 1 pants, 2 dresses and 9 tops that includes 2 office-wear shirts.I bought all these from Platinum mall!Fwah, blew so much […]

台北之行 Part 8 – Grand Finale 之 Interesting sights

Well, here are all the miscellaneous photos from the Taiwan trip.Emjoy… =) Ha, doesn’t this looks familar to those Ngee Ann, School of ICT students especially?The lift buttons to the place where i stayed.The only thing different is that the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ words are in chinese. Well, this is found right beside the toilet […]

台北之行 Part 7 – Day 4 >> 五分埔 Day 5 >> 西门町

Well, Finally….Part 7 of the Taiwan Trip after so long.Ha, you can’t blame me.I’m busy.Yadda, yadda, I’m been so busy with my life, work and drama serials that i’ve neglected about my Taiwan Trip entry. Well, there’s just this naggy voice inside of me that makes me blog about it.Ha!Do things cannot 半途而废嘛.*Pout* Ok, here […]

台北之行 Part 6 – Day 3 (台风天) >> 美丽华百乐园 . 杰伦的店 . 诚品(敦化南路)

台北之行 Part 5 – Day 3 (台风天) >> 国父纪念馆 . 台北101 . 纽约纽约 . 新光三月

Our initial plan was to head to the outskirt of Taipei, JiuFen.Sadly, due to the typhoon warning, we had to abort the plan.No more 九份 for us. =(We had to go for a plan B, staying in the Taipei city area. Me, cam-whoring while the girls watched animes on TV.Animes don’t interest me at all. […]


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