Perth 2012 (Day 3)

18 August 2012 – Saturday Yet another cold morning…. It was difficult trying to get myself ready for the day without any lights as my room mate was still sleeping. Thankfully she went out for a smoke before I left hence the outfit of the day!

Perth 2012 (Day 2)

17 August 2012 – Friday The morning temperature was 11 degree celsius and I was reluctant to get out of the cozy bed. The quilt was so comfy I swear. The moment I woke up, I thought I was at home only to realise that I was all alone in Perth. For a moment, I […]

Perth 2012 (Day 1)

15 August 2012 – Wednesday (Day 0) Booked the trip 4 months in advance and finally it was time for my first ever solo trip to take off! Rushed straight home after an outlet setup. Bathed and out I went to take public transport to the airport! There were long queues at every Qantas counter […]


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