CNY 2010 (Part 2)

20 January 2010 – 7th day of CNY Went jogging at Pandan Reservoir in the early morning! Did 4km. With all the work out in the morning, I felt less guilty with the good food I indulge in for the rest of the day. Got myself dressed in a mini dress and grey cardigan from […]

9 January 2010 – A trip to JB

It was a 风和日丽的 Saturday late morning. Daphne, BaoXin, SiCong and I went across the causeway to look for ZeMing! On the bus… on the way to Singapore custom. Lucky for us, there was no jam at the causeway. Rare sight they said. So we got there earlier than expected. Well, SiCong 在搞自闭 with his […]

25 June 2009 ~ 28th June 2009 – Tu’s Redang Trip!

Phew~ I finally finish editing Redang trip photos for the blog! It took me exactly 2 weeks to it.I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. =) It’s a trip for the Tus!There is Tu MianYi, Tu Mei Qian + Tu brother-in-law, Tu Pa + Tu stepmum and Tu Dai Zi which is […]

20 January 2008 – 我们出国了!

A day away from work. All thanks to the medication the doctor gave me. So strong that it just knock me out flat. Well, just hope I’ll get better. 我出国了! AiLing’s brother drove AiLing, BaoXin, Daphne & I to Johor Bahru last Sunday. A very last minute trip. 1st, we went to the Giant to […]


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