Back for good

Hihi!!! *wave*
I’m back!
Touched down yesterday at 9.30pm.
Back to reality already.

I miss the cheap and good thai massage. *pout*
I miss the cheap cheap taxis.
I miss the cheap cheap food.
I miss the cheap cheap shopping.

Still,I’m glad to be home.
I am so glad to come back to a clean house, clean bed and the familiar little island.

Here are my loots from Bangkok.

– 2 bags
– 1 clutch
– 1 pouch
– 5 bras
– 3 dresses
– 1 pair of pants
– 1 leggings
– 2 skirts
– 10 tops
– 2 shorts
– 1 pair of socks
– 4 belts
– 1 scunchie
– 1 suntan lotion (recommended by Celine)
– 1 Vanilla Volka (from DFS)
– 1 Hoegarden (from DFS)

Many many 战利品!
I like!!! =)

Unpacked most of my stuff already.
I’m dead tired.
I’ll resume back my normal routine and maybe try to sleep a little early tonight? Ha.

My face is going from bad to worse.
Especially after the Bangkok trip.
The air is really really bad there.

I don’t have my string string last night. *pout*

I think I’ll have bad Monday blues tomorrow. =(

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